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The other day we’d just come back from running errands, when I stepped out of the car, looked down and saw a little baby bull  snake, about 5 inches long.  If you’re familiar with bull snakes, you know they can get really big!  

Well, this little guy was not happy that I picked him up.  My neighbor and her one-year-old grandson were outside, so I thought I’d let him experience his first snake.  Have you ever tried to teach a one-year-old not to squeeze, just touch something small and wiggly?  Not sure why I thought I could, but I saw the baby snake’s life in jeopardy, if I continued with my, “just touch it, don’t squeeze” approach.  By this time the little guy (snake, not the baby) was wrapped around my finger for dear life!  

OK, I get it.  Show and tell is over. 

I fully intended to put it back close to where I found it anyway, just slightly removed from the driveway.  Leaning down, I opened my hand figuring it would all but jump at the chance for freedom.  Oh, no...  He was quite content and happily wrapped around my fingers, absorbing my body heat, thank-you very much!  After a bit of coaxing, I was finally able to convince him to go, be free!

Anyway, this encounter reminded of the time one of my boys returned to class after school, asking if I wanted to see what he’d found on the playground.  Of course I did.  Never turn down a teachable moment.  Besides, I’d been trying connect with him without much success to this point. 

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a small snake.

“Oh, cool!  Can I hold him?”

He handed over the baby snake, more than a little disappointed, yet grudgingly impressed I didn’t jump up on a chair screeching to get that thing out of here.  “You’re not afraid of snakes?”

Not me.  I think they’re kinda cool.  Not fond of rattlers, but the non-poisonous ones are fun to check out.

I was playing with the little guy and noticed my student was still digging around in the same pocket that housed his new little buddy.  I asked him what he was doing.  

“I had two snakes!”

I love it when science happens.

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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