Back to School... My Favorite Things- (Think Sound of Music -)

Click HERE for a few of my Back to School favorite games. 

The Back to School Sale starts 
my Target ad’s stating~
Freshly cleaned desktops 
and new class list waiting!

New colored pencils and markers and pens 
Folders and name tags and books in their bins~

Feeling all rested (mostly) 
Come on, let’s get started!
Teaching in 6th grade
Is not for faint-hearted!

Planning with my friends- excited to teach,
All of those standards are well within reach!

When the year starts
and the kids come
and I’m over-whelmed~
I simply remember their bright shiny smiles,
My job is the best around!

I love it when I open the Sunday paper and find the Back to School Target Ad!  Well, this was that week!  (At least in my part of the world :) )  Being repurposed, I don't get to shop for school supplies anymore, but I still like cruising down the aisles, touching all those new folders and markers and pencils and comp books.  

This would make a great back-to-school activity for kids!  Have them pick a song and make it their own.  Does anyone have a Karaoke machine.  Kids love to sing along!

I hope you all had a restful, fun-filled summer break and are ready for a  wonderful new school year full of fun, laughter, and learning (oh, and pick up a new set of pens for me)! 

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