A Rose, By Any Other Name- The Story of My Logo

First off, let me just say, the camera and I have two entirely different opinions of what I look like.  I prefer my rose-colored-glasses version, whereas the camera goes for full frontal assault.  But every once in awhile, we agree to a truce and something close to a good photo happens – well, as good as it gets, anyway. Thus, the nature of a truce.

OK, that's out of the way.  Now for the real reason for this post...

I like linking up with fun blog hops and Art with Jenny K. is hosting one asking "What's the story behind the logo?"  I thought it would be fun, so here we go!

When I started TpT, they wanted me to pick a name for my store. Oh, the pressure!  I have a "land line" company called Learning Adventures, LLC and wanted something similar for my online store and logo, but was still playing around with the options.  I figured if I came up with something clever,  I could change it later, so Pamela Kranz it was.

Whew!  Store name picked (for now)... Check!  Next, upload a picture.  Sigh... After some digging and grimacing, and digging, I found one.

This photo was taken during our last Alaskan Cruise on one of the formal nights - clearly one of those times of truce.  (However, I think the lighting makes me look like I'm part of the buffet, but everyone has to give a little during a truce.)  :)  Anyway, that was my starting point- a picture I could live with.  With the help of my trusty MAC, I figured out how to mask and outline the shape.

At first, I just had the picture and no logo.

I needed a logo – something that tied together everything I wanted for my store (the future blog you're currently reading, a FB page,  IG and Pinterest.)

I finally settled on the name, Desktop Learning Adventures.  It holds a lot of meaning for me on many levels.  I loved the visual of the computer buried under books and papers on the desk, because that's my reality- organized chaos. And, of course, everyone needs a cushy chair if you're going to spend hours planted in it.  Here's the thing I liked most about the name – Real learning can be messy and chock full of fun adventures. It's creative, it's active, it's sometimes frustrating and to me, that's what the messy desk symbolizes.

I've toyed with the idea of changing my store name, officially, to Pam's Desktop Learning Adventures or Pamela Kranz's Desktop Learning Adventures, but I'm not sure if that will mess up everything I have in place (...followers, URL- it will definitely change that!), or if I even like it together.  So far, the bravest thing I've done is add my logo to my picture.

What do you think? Should I change it or leave it alone?

One thing's for certain – I'm going to have to take another cruise and see if the camera and I can negotiate another truce.  Otherwise, you're going to see this smiling face for a very  long  time!

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;"
Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene II

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