Can't Live Without It! Secondary Ebooks

Gotta have it!  Can't live without it!  Truly, the only thing we can't live without is air (of course), water (naturally), food, shelter, and space in a suitable arrangement.  The science teacher in me had to say that.

Disclaimers aside...

For those of you who aren't quite so literal, (my husband said toilet paper) I'd like to take this opportunity to expand your "must have" list and suggest you take a peek at the four fabulous ebooks graciously assembled by Literary Sherri (ELA), Brain Waves Instruction (Humanities), Getting Nerdy with Mel & Gerdy (Science), and Lindsay Perro (Math), filled with over 100 FREE (gotta love that part!) print-and-teach resources!

Here are a few of the things I can't live without... (aside from the aforementioned air, water, food,...)

I've joined the Math ebook and am happy to share my Become a Math Lawyer - Defend Your Answer! poster/label set.  Students look at their work differently when they think of it as defending something important.  It's fun to watch their transformation from students writing numbers on papers to, "I believe in this work and let me tell you why!"

I've really enjoyed reading all the pieces of advice and those things my other secondary friends "Can't live without..."  on their pages.

Follow the links and download your own copy today!

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